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My name is Matthew. I live and work in the south suburbs of Chicago. I like to read books about politics, faith, theology, philosophy, and comedy. I like stories about people who did great things; but I also like stories of people who never quite achieved much of anything, but they were happy. I find that more relatable. I love music. I deeply enjoy coffee and good conversation with even better company. And I like thinking.

If you are wondering what to expect from this page, you must first understand that all of humanity is both unique and very similar all at the same time. There are things we do, little idiosyncratic behaviors that makes us different. Although, at our very core, when you strip away some of the unnecessary delineation, we are all human. Living. Breathing. Struggling. And succeeding in our own uniquely similar ways.

Therefore, this is a place for the person who is looking for someone to speak into something they may have experienced as well. This is for the person who is looking for a safe place to wonder, question, and doubt. This is for the person who struggles, fights, and works to find happiness. This for people who, every single day, want to live fully and authentically. Not just one day a week, but all seven. This is for me. But its also for you too. These are my thoughts, rambles, and ponderings about life, love, religion, and everything in-between.

Join me in the journey.

– Matthew Spear

Also, if you decide you want to read more of my words you can buy my book Two Minutes From Hello on Amazon. It is a collection of poetry inspired by my life and the lives of my friends, which is told through the narrative of a man learning to live in the wake of heartbreak. It’s not happy or sad, it’s just life.

I was also featured in Prayer: Approaching the Throne of Grace, which is a compilation of Christian devotions, which is also available on Amazon.

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