Runners of the Bible: Ahimaaz

(Guest Devotion by Tim Smith)

Beforehand Read: 2 Samuel 18:19-28

There’s a lot that can be said about the story that is taking place within these few verses as they are part of the falling actions and resolution of a story arc starting in 2 Samuel 15. Today, I simply want to look at what we know about the man name Ahimaaz in these verses and what it means for us as Christian Athletes.

While Ahimaaz does not have the complete story of what happened on the battlefield, he is determine to tell the king the good news that he knows about. The drive and enthusiasm to tell the king the good news enabled him to out run someone else who had a head start. On Ahimaaz’s arrival to the gates of the temple he is recognized. One guard said to the other, “He’s a good man, he comes with good news” (verse 18:28). 

As a runner, I personally dislike being in relay races. It’s challenging enough to race people who start at the same place and time as I do, it is even harder to try and catch someone with a head start. Yet Ahimaaz did, why? Because he was a better runner? Maybe, but to run fast enough to catch and beat someone else is both challenging and painful, and with another messenger going he didn’t need to experience that type of physical pain. Yet he chose to because he believes that giving good news is worth challenges and pain.

As runners we put a deep amount of pressure on our bodies for small victories. Are we willing to give our spiritual lives the same amount of pressure for even greater victories? Participating in the Great Commission regardless of the challenge and pain that might come from it to tell the good news, like Ahimaaz, of the Lord’s victory.

Further, consider the response of the guards. They do not know what Ahimaaz has to say, but they know that good men bring good news. So what kind of person are we as Christians, good men or bad men?

Do we do, as the New Testaments commands, and speak to others about what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy? (Philippians 4:8). Or do we speak negatively. They will know we are His disciples by how live (John 13:35) and that includes how speak and to what extent we care about our message.

Those who stand guard will let you into their lives if they can see that you are indeed a good man because then they can have assurance that the message you bring is good to. 

Christians Athletes let us take the same positions as Ahimaaz when he saids, “Come what may, I want to run…Let me run and take the news to the king that the LORD has delivered him from the hands of his enemies.” (2 Samuel 18:23…19)

About the Author: While studying Theology at Olivet Nazarene University, Tim Smith also competed in Cross Country and Track & Field with events from the mile run to the half marathon. He is passionate about helping people see the narrative of the Biblical stories and find deeper meaning within the text. He began serving in ministry back in 2013 as a 3rd and 4th Grade Sunday School Teacher and most recently accepted a role as a Youth and Young Adult Minister in Tennessee. Him and his wife and looking forward to furthering their careers, ministries, and education in the Nashville area. 

Tim will be continuing this series, “Runners of the Bible” in the coming weeks!

Be safe. Be wise. Be Jesus this week.

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