All is Well – Poetry

I’m awake before even God,

I like the way the air feels this early,

crisp and clear.

I can see my breath ever so slightly.

Sipping my coffee as I watch the sun peak,

just above the clouds.

With a orange-pink hue,

the effect of a deep water color .

This is more ritual than anything else,

because it reminds me that no matter what may happen;

the complaints won’t hang in the air.

My anger will heal.

Frustrations will dissipate.

And Impatience will stagnate.

I whisper “all is well”

because I have this moment

clasped tightly in hand.

No one can take this serenity.

The sky is a continually evolving canvas,

and I know,

The day has just begun.

The sunrise is my calm in the storm,

my reprieve in the panic;

a momentary sabbath before work becomes manic.

And the funny part is,

I’m beginning to realize that

you are my sunrise.


And that no matter what may arise,

loving you reminds me that

all is well.

Because I have this moment,

with you,

clasped tightly in my hands.

And no one can take this serenity.

Our love is continuously changing and growing.

And I realize my life has just begun.

All is well.

1 thought on “All is Well – Poetry

  1. Aahhh…peace. Thank you. All is well. ❤


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