If you were to ask me about my testimony

I would tell you it’s not finished yet.

I’m still writing parts of it.

Living moments and plot points.

Adding footnotes where explanation is necessary,

because there’s more left to say.

I used to have a shirt that said,

“I’m not the man I should be.”

And then as I walked by

you would see this addendum on my back:

“But thank God I’m not the man I used to be.”

To this day,

I feel like I have that message tattooed on my heart.

I’m not the man I should be

but I’m not down growing yet.

My change may be incremental,

but it’s a process

that’s moving me in the right direction.

It’s two steps forward,

one step back.

But I’m still moving forward;

little by little and that’s progress.

Eugene Peterson says that

our journey towards Christ

is a “long obedience in the same direction.”

And in that case,

you’ll forgive me if I’m not quite there yet.

My testimony is not in the past tense.

It’s in the present day to day life;

the ebb and flow of my current reality.

If this were a story,

we wouldn’t be nearing the end

or even the middle.

This is the prelude to many great things.

I don’t have the “after” picture yet,

but I’m not a look alike with my “before” picture either.

I’m somewhere in-between.

I’m working towards the man I’m meant to be.

If you asked me about my faith

I would tell you to watch the way I live.

Listen to the cadence in my voice,

and tell me if you see change.

Because the roots are here

even if you don’t see the harvest just yet.

I like completion and check lists.

I like seeing movement and progress,

but the trouble with this life

is that we’re a work of art.

And the artist isn’t finished with us yet.

But a masterpiece always takes time,

and we are each a beautiful example of God’s workmanship.

So my prayer is simple and echoes that of David;

create in me a clean heart.

Renew steadfast spirit within me,

and restore me to the joy of your salvation.

In short, I pray that God gives me patience

as he continues to craft me into something holy.

If you were to ask me about my testimony

I would tell it’s not finished yet.

But I would invite you to join me in the journey.

Let’s walk together,

because the endgame is nothing short of a masterpiece

and good company is always a welcome addition.

1 thought on “Testimony

  1. “I pray God gives me patience as he continues to craft me into something holy.” Yes. Thank you, Matthew. You are wise to understand this is a lifelong holiness journey 🙌 Peace and grace as we go and grow 😎


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